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By | January 31, 2023

2022 LF Edge Annual Report – Update from the LF Edge Board

Entering its fourth year as an umbrella project, LF Edge continues to grow and thrive, with more and more deployments and use cases across the globe and across verticals, from Telco, to Smart Home, to Industrial IoT, to AI, Robotics, and more. Check out the section below on the 2022 LF Edge Annual Report update from the LF Edge Board, written by Tina Tsou, Director Infrastructure Ecosystem at Arm and LF Edge Governing Board Chair.

In-person LF Edge Board meeting at ONE Summit 2022

A warm welcome to 2022’s newest LF Edge members: Y-Semi, Emerson, Qianyi, and XUAT — thank you for joining us this year. We hope to develop strong bonds with all our new members as we continue working together.

I’d also like to congratulate all of our individual project communities (Alvarium, Akraino, EdgeX Foundry, eKuiper, EVE, Fledge, HomeEdge, SDO) for the progress made this year. We’ve seen more and more realworld deployments across a diverse set of use cases (including blueprints to address Robotics, Smart Data, OT, Metaverse, 5G, and Education & Healthcare, among others) and improvements to functionality, security & data privacy, connectivity, and more.

One of the community’s biggest accomplishments in 2022 is the LF Edge Industry Solution Showcase, which debuted onsite ONE Summit in November. The event returned to an in-person format and we had the opportunity to showcase eight project demonstrations within the LF Edge booth kiosks, focused on specific verticals: Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Telc, and Retail. This is the first step in highlighting LF Edge’s mainstream deployments across a broad spectrum of organizations and communities. 2023 will be even better, with more details on the myriad of ways LF Edge can enhance edge computing. None of this could be possible without member companies, developers, users and the LF Edge staff.

  • Member companies have been generously providing resources to run a shared community lab, CI/CD, and community activities –including hackathons, developer events and project mini summits.Big thanks to all who helped fund this important work across the board and helped make our projects stronger.
  • We also give thanks to developers working hard within and across LF Edge. We would not exist without our dedicated and passionate developers, who are the glue that binds our project communities together.
  • LF Edge Sub-committees. The collective efforts of the LF Edge Strategy Planning Committee (SPC), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and Outreach Committee yielded needed updates to LF Edge Project Lifecycle Description and Criteria, the creation of the Industry Solution Showcase; and the growing amplification of use cases and deployments.

With the rise of IoT, 5G/6G, AI, and Metaverse, Edge is at the precipice of leading technology innovations. The practical application of Edge Cloud in more industries and scenarios will become mainstream; the work of this community is paramount in setting the stage for scalable development of open source Edge technology and standards. We expect many opportunities (and some challenges) in 2023 and I am confident in the power of this strong community to continue playing a key role in Edge innovation.

Read the full 2022 LF Edge Annual Report, with community highlights from all LF Edge projects, TSC Chair, General Manager, Outreach Chair, and more.