eKuiper is an edge lightweight IoT data analytics / streaming software implemented by Golang, and it can be run on all kinds of resource-constrained edge devices. It migrates cloud real-time cloud streaming analytics frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm and Apache Flink to the edge. eKuiper references these cloud streaming frameworks, and also considers any special requirements of edge analytics, to introduce  rule engine, which is based on Source, SQL (business logic) and Sink;  rule engine is used for developing streaming applications at the edge.


User scenarios

It can be run at various IoT edge use scenarios:

  • Real-time processing of production line data in the IoT
  • Gateway of Connected Vehicle analyze the data from data-bus in real time
  • Real-time analysis of urban facility data in smart city scenarios
  • eKuiper processing at the edge can reduce system response latency, save network bandwidth and storage costs, and improve system security.


  • Lightweight
    • Core server package is only about 4.5M, initial memory footprint is about 10MB
  • Cross-platform
    • CPU Arch:X86 AMD * 32, X86 AMD * 64; ARM * 32, ARM * 64; PPC
    • The popular Linux distributions, OpenWrt Linux, MacOS and Docker
    • Industrial PC, Raspberry Pi, industrial gateway, home gateway, MEC edge cloud server
  • Data analysis support
    • Support data extract, transform and filter through SQL
    • Data order, group, aggregation and join
    • 60+ functions, includes mathematical, string, aggregate and hash etc
    • 4 time windows & count window
  • Highly extensibile
    • Plugin system is provided, and it supports to extend at Source, SQL functions and Sink.
    • Source: embedded support for MQTT, and provide extension points for sources
    • Sink: embedded support for MQTT and HTTP, and provide extension points for sinks
    • UDF functions: embedded support for 60+ functions, and provide extension points for SQL functions
  • Management
  • Integration with EMQ X Edge
    • Seamless integration with EMQ X Neuron & EMQ X Edge, and provided an end to end solution from messaging to analytics.

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