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User & Deployment Studies

LF Edge in Action

Learn about real-world examples of how LF Edge projects and technologies are being used to solve edge computing challenges across verticals.

How French Transmission System Operator, RTE, Leverages LF Energy & LF Edge to Build Next-Gen Substation Monitoring and Controls

Discover how RTE, France’s Transmission System Operator, is transforming power grids, deploying Fledge to enhance grid reliability, integrate renewable energy, and reduce maintenance costs, paving the way for future-ready, scalable, and secure power systems.


Open Horizon as an Open Source Framework for Resilient Smart Farming – Concept of HofBox as a Solution of Resilient Edge Computing

The case study focuses on the development of Resilient Smart Farming through a digital hybrid cloud architecture, enabled by Open Horizon’s open source framework. Learn how Open Horizon enhances agricultural data management and operations.


Building a Common Edge Platform and Specification with EdgeX Foundry

Eaton, a global leader in electrical power management, adopted EdgeX Foundry as their common edge platform. Learn how EdgeX has empowered their engineers to accelerate product development, code reuse and more.


Using Open Source to Scale Retail Applications at Edge Locations

Learn how IBM, Intel, and Scale Computing leverage EdgeX Foundry’s Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA) project, Open Horizon, and Secure Device Onboard (SDO) to build commercial solutions that can be applied across multiple industries to address how to rapidly scale actionable insights at the point of interaction — i.e. delivering AI at the Edge.


How LF Edge’s Alvarium and EVE projects help to securely and accurately monitor the Carbon Footprint in the world’s first BioGas Plant

Learn how LF Edge projects developed a Digital Measurement, Reporting and Verification (DigitalMRV) platform to improve data confidence and trust in the world’s first BioGas Plant. The solution successfully reduces an MRV process that used to take between 24-48 months to complete to just 4-6 weeks.


How Fledge, UC Davis and Opus One Create World-Class Wine in Safer Conditions

Learn how IIoT works with the wine industry, in this new case study that outlines how Fledge is being used by UC Davis and Opus One to create a multi-node wireless sensor network that was developed and deployed in both the UC Davis Teaching and Research Winery, and Opus One’s facility. The system successfully measures the CO2 levels in a winery to ultimately reduce costs and create safer conditions for the wine and the workers.


Industry Solutions Showcase

LF Edge’s Industry Solutions Showcase demonstrates how LF Edge project-based solutions address complex challenges across industries.

How to Build Edge Solutions with LF Edge Akraino blueprints & ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) APIs

Akraino PCEI blueprint enables multi-domain infrastructure orchestration and cloud native application deployment across public clouds (core and edge), edge clouds, interconnection providers and network operators. Learn how Aarna Networks and Equinix collaborate and reduce complexity for orchestrating edge infrastructure, applications, and network services.