More details on EdgeX Foundary are included included in the full project website, but see below for a high level summary.

The Preferred Open Source Edge Platform


Connecting OT and IT – EdgeX provides the base edge platform for getting data from sensors and devices that speak protocols like BACNet, Modbus, MQTT, REST, BLE, etc. to analytics applications, enterprise systems and cloud platforms.  A highly flexible open-source software framework that facilitates interoperability between heterogeneous devices and applications at the IoT Edge, along with a consistent foundation for security and manageability.  The open, vendor-neutral platform speeds developer and technology providers time to market by providing modular reference services for device-data ingestion, normalization, analysis and sharing in support of new IoT data services, advanced edge computing applications, including AI and automation.


  • Get your data to where it adds maximum value at the edge or in the cloud (Learn More)
  • Realize value faster with a modern architecture that is easy to scale (Architecture Intro)
  • SDKs to create your own south and north side connectors.
  • Use the EdgeX reference rules engine or add your own analytics.
  • Adopted by companies like Eaton, Intel, Oracle, Thundersoft and more.
  • Learn how industry leaders are using EdgeX (EdgeX Adopter Series)
  • A community that has consistently delivered 2 releases a year since founding.
  • An open source product backed by a long term support agreement.
  • Join the EdgeX Ecosystem and participate from Community activities (Ecosystem)




The layers and services of EdgeX Foundry provide a two-way transformation engine between edge devices/nodes and cloud/enterprise applications.


EdgeX translates and transforms the information coming from sensors and devices and delivers it to applications over network-based protocols in formats and structures that meet the needs of customers. It also takes data from applications and delivers it to the edge nodes/devices for updates, control and actuation. In this section you will find the main services available for the EdgeX loosely couple microservices architecture.


Why EdgeX: 


How to EdgeX:

User & Deployment Studies

Building a Common Edge Platform and Specification with EdgeX Foundry
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Using Open Source to Scale Retail Applications at Edge Locations
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