InstantX, an LF Edge project with initial code seeded by Vodafone Business, is a cloud and edge cloud platform to exchange and distribute data in real-time between users in a certain geography through “far-edge” computing power. An example use case is Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication, where data between road users (e.g. cars) and road infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights) is anonymously exchanged with each other for the purpose of increasing road safety or to enable autonomous driving in complex scenarios.

InstantX solves the problem of asynchronous and instant data exchange across clients in the same region while offering that data for off-line processing and self-learning to derive further added-values. In the specific case of V2X data distribution, it solves the problem of mobility data fragmentation by distributing data and mobility insights across different types of traffic and transportation domains. Here’s how InstantX is setting new standards in transportation technology:

  • Distributed Platform: Secure and reliable communication channel for V2X Services leveraging  5G, edge Cloud and public Cloud.
  • Real-Time Events Distribution: Platform to distribute, broker, and validate V2X messages in real-time through a set of standard SDKs and APIs.
  • Open Ecosystem: Modular platform that’s open to anybody who wants to contribute to  safer, securer, and more accessible mobility.
  • Compliance: A platform designed starting from the guidance of major standardization institutions such as ETSI and 5GAA.

Why InstantX?

InstantX brokers and distributes data & mobility services openly across all the different traffic and transportation domains to increase road safety. Features and Benefits include

  • Road Safety: aims to reduce road injuries and fatalities leveraging value added services for pedestrians, cyclists, riders, drivers and more.
  • Lower Latency: InstantX’s Low latency enables powerful, real-time predictive use cases – applying AI and ML Technologies.
  • Streamlines Device Data: As processing moves from device to edge via InstantX, sophisticated services can reach ‘simpler’ devices, reducing cost and battery requirements.
  • Privacy and Security: InstantX enables added privacy and security at the edge, and provides a resilient backup option for applications within a central data center.