Nexoedge (previously called nEdge-nCloud) is a reliable and efficient multi-cloud distributed storage which enables applications and devices at the edge to store data into one or more clouds. nEdge serves as a storage proxy at the edge to pre-process data for reliability and provide unified storage (over multiple cloud storage destinations) to edge applications. nEdge persists and access data in one or more clouds via nCloud, which is deployed in the clouds. 

Leveraging Cloud Storage with Ease at the Edge 

In edge deployment, IoT devices and applications generate a vast amount of data. Nexoedge enables them to store data in a reliable and efficient storage pool of data across private and public clouds, e.g., for archival and backup. Nexoedge supports utilizing multiple public cloud storage as storage destinations, e.g., AWS and Alibaba Cloud. It transparently manages data storage on behalf of the applications, freeing the applications from complex storage setup and management. Nexoedge currently provides a standard network file interface, SMB, for file storage, and a socket-based client interface for custom application integration. 

Efficient and Configurable Data Reliability 

Nexoedge adopts erasure coding to reduce the storage overhead and hence the cost compared to replication. Nexoedge also provides configurable reliability which can be customized according to application storage requirements. It automatically repairs data to ensure data reliability. 

Origin and History of Nexoedge 

Nexoedge is a distributed storage solution co-developed by CU Coding Ltd. and CUHK ADSLab. Ideas of applying Nexoedge to edge deployments, .e.g, smart factories, have won awards in several competitions, including the EdgeX China challenge 2022 and 5th “Bloom Cup” 5G Application Competition. Nexoedge joined LF Edge as a Stage 1 project in November 2023.