Akraino is a set of open infrastructures and application blueprints for the Edge. The blueprints span a broad variety of use cases, including 5G, AI, Edge IaaS/PaaS, IoT, for both provider and enterprise edge domains.  The blueprints have been created by the Akraino community, focus exclusively on the edge in all of its different forms, and are tested and ready to use. They can be adopted as-is or used as a starting point for creating custom edge computing solutions.

Design Principles

Akraino follows a holistic design focused on availability, capacity, security, and continuity.

  • Finite set of configurations – In order to reduce complexity, the design will follow a finite set of configurations.
  • May support Multiple workloads types such as VMs, Containers, micro services, etc.,
  • Security – The design needs to validate the security of the blueprint.
  • Autonomous, turn-key solution for service enablement
  • Platform, VNF and application assessment and gating – assess whether the application is fit to run at the edge (e.g. latency sensitiveness, code quality).

Build Principles

The Akraino blueprints are built to scale in a cost-effective way.

  • Low latency placement and processing to support edge drivers.
  • Plug & play modular architecture –building blocks using multiple cloud management technologies.

Run Principles

By focusing on the uniqueness that is the edge, Akraino focuses on building infrastructure and applications that have:

  • Zero-touch provisioning, operations, and lifecycle – which in turn reduces OpEx
  • Automated maturity measurement – operations, designs, and services.

Community Principles

The Akraino community has collaborated to create and share resources that make it easier for developers and open source participants to build and deploy edge computing solutions on a variety of hardware platforms and architectures.

  • Organization and oversight of the Community Lab
  • Community sponsored hardware well aligned to the Akraino blueprints and design philosophies


User & Deployment Studies

How to Build Edge Solutions with LF Edge Akraino blueprints & ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) APIs
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