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Computing Infrastructure into the 2030s

Discover the future of edge computing and explore innovative solutions for real-time data processing and AI applications, from factory automation to autonomous driving. Learn how the collaboration with IOWN GF is setting the stage for a breakthrough in performance and energy efficiency through their joint Proof of Concept, paving the way for a seamlessly integrated edge-to-cloud environment.

LF Edge 2023 Year in Review Cover

LF Edge 2023 Year in Review

Discover the latest trends and breakthroughs in edge computing and their transformative impact across various industries in the 2023 LF Edge annual report. Explore how LF Edge’s projects and collaborations are shaping the future of real-time data processing and AI applications – your journey into the next era of digital technology starts here.


The State of the Edge Report 2023

The State of the Edge Report 2023 is a comprehensive and insightful examination of the rapidly evolving landscape of edge computing, focusing on its pivotal role in meeting the demands of the digital era. With a keen emphasis on key areas such as the taxonomy of edge computing, the inseparable relationship between data and AI at the edge and the critical synergy between networking and edge technologies, this report aims to provide readers with a deep understanding of the latest trends, advancements, and transformative potential of edge computing in today’s interconnected and data-driven world.


Akraino Edge Cloud Game based on Arm architecture high performance CPU

A collaboration among LF Edge’s Akraino project and member companies Arm, Tencent and Zenlayer, as well as YSEMI, Genymotion and Alicon SE, this white paper investigates the architecture, feasibility, and use cases of Akraino Edge Cloud Gaming. The paper explores options for leveraging Akraino edge blueprints to improve gaming scenarios across user experience, cost, operation, and maintenance to help improve commercial feasibility of cloud games.


Akraino Platform Security Architecture

Developers creating blueprints for LF Edge’s Akraino take time and effort to analyze potential security threats to implement needed features.

However, in many cases, developers assume the blueprint execution environment is well protected, potentially exposing their blueprints to attacks via platform-level vulnerabilities that interfere with the blueprint functionality and cause the loss of private or critical data. this paper outlines Akraino Platform Security Architecture (PSA) with recommended security requirements Akraino platforms and blueprint execution environments.

LF Edge 2022 Year in Review

Entering its fourth year as an umbrella project, LF Edge continues to grow and thrive, with more and more deployments and use cases across the globe and across verticals, from Telco, to Smart Home, to Industrial IoT, to AI, Robotics, and more. See community highlights from 2022 in this new report with commentary from the Board Chair, TSC Chair, General Manager, Outreach Chair, and more.

2022 State of the Edge Report

The 2022 State of the Edge report takes an in-depth look at the current edge computing ecosystem with three main themes for this year: connectivity, location, and application infrastructure. All three play a crucial role in the development of edge computing. Download the free report today to learn more.


Sharpening the Edge White Paper II: Diving Deeper into the LF Edge Taxonomy and Projects

A 2022 follow-up to the LF Edge community’s original, collaborative 2020 paper, the new publication dives deeper into key areas of edge manageability, security, connectivity and analytics, and highlights how each project addresses these areas. The paper demonstrates maturation of the edge ecosystem and how the rapidly growing LF Edge community has made great progress over the past two years towards building an open, modular framework for edge computing, and addresses a balance of interests spanning the cloud, telco, IT, OT, IoT, mobile, and consumer markets.


2021 LF Edge Annual Report

Launched almost three years ago, LF Edge continues to see massive global industry support accelerating the adoption and deployment of edge applications across sectors like telco, cloud, edge, IoT, IIoT, enterprise, AI, and more. See what the community accomplished in 2021, including growth across deployments, blueprints, cross-community integration, and more, in this new report with commentary from the Board Chair, TSC Chair, General Manager, Outreach Chair, and more.


2021 State of The Edge Report

The 2021 State of the Edge report explores today’s edge computing ecosystem with a focus on the increasingly interconnected domains of critical infrastructure, networks, software, and hardware.

Download the free 2021 report, which builds upon previous editions with updated market sizing data, as well as analysis from industry leaders.


2020 State of the Edge Report

This 2020 edition of the State of the Edge aims to explore the edge computing world with an eye toward tomorrow. The report includes empirical research, market sizing, thoughts from industry leaders, and the latest from our collaborative community.


Sharpening the Edge: Overview of the LF Edge Taxonomy and Framework

Produced in 2020, this original and collaborative community-driven white paper details the new LF Edge taxonomy with the goal of clarifying market confusion by breaking the continuum down based on inherent technical and logistical tradeoffs rather than using ambiguous terms. The taxonomy also comprehends a balance of interests spanning the cloud, telco, IT, OT, IoT, mobile and consumer markets.


EdgeX Foundry Hanoi Performance Report

EdgeX Foundry’s Hanoi Release simplifies deployment with better data tagging, customized editing and a new Command Line Interface for improved performance and scalability. To ensure the best results, EdgeX has created a QA & Testing Working Group within the project that ensures that the framework meets the high standards of reliability and robustness that are required at the Industrial IoT edge. Learn more about the testing and results for the latest release in this EdgeX Foundry Hanoi Performance Report.


Cloud Interfacing at Telco 5G Edge

Two of the most important technology trends at the edge today are the extension of cloud computing and 5G technology. These trends are complementary, reducing the distance from end users to compute resources, and pointing the way to inevitable convergence of edge clouds and 5G networks. This white paper addresses technical and business challenges to this convergence, and introduces an architecture enabling interoperability between clouds and telco 5G networks.


Edge Networking: An Introduction

LF Edge and LF Networking collaborate on the end-to-end edge computing framework with projects such as Akriano to support high-availability cloud services optimized for edge computing systems and applications. LFN and LF Edge collaborated to produce a new asset for those looking to explore this exciting space. This guide provides an overview of the networking edge compute market opportunity, where open source fits in, the role of Linux Foundation projects in your network edge strategy, and how to get involved. System architects, developers, product and project managers, network operators, system integrators, and more will find useful information for crafting their edge networking strategies.


Akraino APIs

Edge computing is distributed computing with different application components interconnected by a network. The obvious existing edges are the “smart device” edge and the public cloud. The simple value of the Internet edge is that we can do lots of things in the cloud that don’t make sense on a device (cloud resources are practically unlimited). This new white paper is the first attempt to make available generic edge APIs for developers used to cloud native applications.