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Join LF Edge

Be part of a collaborative community driving innovation and acceleration of edge computing adoption across industries.


LF Edge member organizations are part of a leading community of industry experts, leaders, and developers focused on advancing open source edge and IoT technologies. By collaborating across organizations and industries, members shape the ecosystem and drive innovation in edge computing, while also gaining access to a network of diverse, thought-leading organizations and individuals.

With the opportunity to influence strategic direction, budget decisions, and technical roadmaps, LF Edge membership offers a unique venue for thought leadership, cross-industry collaboration, and brand momentum in the open-source community.

Why Organizations Join LF Edge

Aside from having a seat at the collaborative table to shape the future of open edge computing, organizations join LF Edge to:

Engage with the global community

Access to a varied community of leading industry organizations across Telecom, Cloud, IoT, Enterprise, and Manufacturing technology, all collaborating to shape the ecosystem for edge and IoT computing. Network with individuals and companies from across the globe, foster new partnerships and business opportunities, all while contributing to the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Showcase thought leadership

As you participate in cross-industry collaboration to develop open, interoperable frameworks for edge computing, you’ll have the chance to showcase your efforts broadly and gain visibility as a leading expert in the open edge computing space. LF Edge members have access to multiple industry platforms, like speaking and networking opportunities, authoring white papers and publications, and press and analyst engagement.

Amplify a brand

Members can easily tap into LF Edge channels that reach cutting-edge developers, operators, vendors, and users around the world. Take part in collaborative, unique marketing opportunities with LF Edge community events, webinars, newsletters, social media, press & analyst access, and more.

Shape the future of Edge Computing

Influence the strategic direction of LF Edge and its projects, and raise awareness of the work the group is doing to shape open edge computing r and help the technologies reach critical mass. Participate in cross-project strategy discussions on harmonization and future direction of edge computing, join project Technical Steering Committees, submit new code, become a mentor, and more.


“We strongly believe that a community approach to help define a set of real-world edge use cases and capabilities integrated as blueprints, implemented with modern software stacks and cloud-native technologies, will accelerate the deployment of edge solutions with minimum friction, benefitting users and customers.”

Justin DustzadehChief Technology Officer at Equinix

“The reason why we joined LF Edge is simple: we believe that the fastest route to innovation and success in edge computing is by working together with other companies to create universal standards that we can all build off of.”

Erik NordmarkCTO and co-founder at Zededa

“The top benefits of being a part of LF Edge include having direct connection with customers that keep me updated on the latest trends of edge computing and collaboration among end to end ecosystems and supply chain as well as validation in CI/CD environments.”

Tina TsouDirector, Infrastructure Ecosystem at Arm

Thank you to our Premier Members for their commitment to advancing the future of Edge Computing