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By | April 22, 2018

EdgeX Foundry Celebrates 1st Anniversary at Hannover Messe with New Annual Community Awards Program and Continued Growth

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Open source IoT edge project continues to experience global momentum and widespread adoption

HANNOVER, Germany – April 23, 2018EdgeX Foundry, an open source project building a common interoperability framework to facilitate an ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing, marks its one-year anniversary with a substantial member presence at Hannover Messe and the launch of its first annual Community Awards program.

Introduced last April by The Linux Foundation and numerous members, EdgeX Foundry has grown into a highly respected platform that makes it easier to build, deploy, run and scale IIoT solutions given its native interoperability. Attracting small start-up companies to technology giants, the project has seen a 50 percent growth in the last year and has grown its global footprint to almost 80 member companies in 17 countries.

Some of these members and their technology will be on display at Hannover Messe in Germany from April 23-27. The EdgeX Foundry booth, Hall 6: B17, will feature interactive demos from Canonical, Dell, IOTech, IoTium, RSA, Software AG and VMware and exclusive keynotes in the booth theatre. A complete schedule of the keynotes and demo information can be found in this blog.

EdgeX Community Awards

To mark its momentum, EdgeX Foundry launched the first annual EdgeX Foundry Community Awards to honor those individuals who have contributed in leadership and innovative solutions. Community members nominated their peers, and the EdgeX Foundry Governing Board selected two winners for the Contribution Award, which highlights leaders who have helped EdgeX Foundry advance momentum this year through working groups, special projects, and/or contributed large amounts of code, bug fixes or documentation, while the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) selected two winners for the Innovation Award, which recognizes individuals who have contributed the most innovative solution. Winners will be announced at Hannover Messe.

“We are excited to recognize leaders in our community who have helped EdgeX Foundry become a trailblazer,” said Jason Shepherd, Chair of the EdgeX Foundry Governing Board and Dell Technologies IoT CTO. “Member companies both small and large are active in the EdgeX technical community in various ways and are leveraging EdgeX in their product and solutions roadmaps. In fact, we’ll see a few prototypes later this year.”

Building Momentum Ahead of California

In February 2018, EdgeX Foundry released the California Preview, giving developers early access to some elements of the California code release that support more efficient microservices and establish a path toward scalability. The California preview features several GoLang microservices that are drop-in replacements for the Java versions, including core services like Core Data, Metadata and Command.

The full California release will be available in Summer 2018 and represents a major step in evolving the EdgeX framework to support the developer requirements for deployment in business-critical IIoT applications.

“We are just at the beginning of this IoT journey,” said Keith Steele, EdgeX Foundry Chair of the Technical Steering Committee and CEO of IOTech. “EdgeX Foundry continues to hit milestones, and as we work towards the California release in June, the platform will be able to quickly and securely deliver interoperability between components, applications and services across a wide range of IoT use cases.”

Several project members, including Cavium, Cloud of Things, Dell, IOTech, Mocana, RSA and VMware, have already started to provide commercial solutions based on EdgeX, while others have embedded EdgeX technologies into their product and solution roadmaps. Additionally, the Government of Serbia Innovation Fund has awarded member Mainflux a grant to develop MFX-1, an IoT edge gateway powered by EdgeX platform. For more information about the grant, click here.

Ecosystem Expansion

EdgeX Foundry has made significant progress in its first year and has reached engagement on a global scale from countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Canada, Israel, Germany and Japan. More than 200 people from member companies join weekly and quarterly face-to-face meetings to align on project goals, develop working groups and identify project maintainers and committers across key functional areas. This month, EdgeX Foundry welcomes the addition of five new members, including Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP), ETRI, ISSAT Mateur, Samsung SDS and Volterra.

“CIP is committed to developing, testing and maintaining an industrial-grade software that lays the foundation needed for essential global civil infrastructure and economic systems for the next few decades,” said Urs Gleim, Head of the Central Smart Embedded Systems Group at Siemens and CIP Governing Board Chair. “EdgeX Foundry aligns with our industrial-grade edge software mission and will help us create a reliable and secure stack for smarter cities and stronger civil infrastructure systems of the future.”

“Since its foundation in 1976, ETRI has made a huge effort to grow the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Korea,” said Dongsoo LEE, VP of ETRI Honam Research Center. “EdgeX is a promising platform to support real-time data communication among a vast number of IIoT end devices with different communication standards. Time-Sensitive Networking is a key feature for innovative applications in Smart City and Smart Energy and we are delighted to collaborate on this project.”

“ISSAT Mateur is excited to join EdgeX Foundry and work on integrating a full open source platform to support the growing demand and the diverse traffic patterns coming from smart devices in diverse IoT systems,” said Dr. Akram Hakiri, Associate Professor and Senior Research Scientist  at ISSAT Mateur. “We at ISSAT Mateur believe that the EdgeX Framework will make it possible to bring the cloud computing micro-services, such as communication, computation, network control and storage, to the network edge at single hop users’ edge wireless devices to improve network reliability. This will offer significant progress in meeting the needs of diverse IoT scenarios such as urban mobility (connected cars in smart cities), multimedia content delivery, smart grids and Industry 4.0.”

“With the explosion of IoT connectivity across all industry sectors, we are seeing a demand for monitoring and operation of the edge as well as optimization and analytics through intelligent edge platform from our customers,” said Gyeongil Chae, the Vice President and Head of the Enterprise IoT Business Team for Samsung SDS. “Samsung SDS is excited to collaborate with EdgeX Foundry members, and look forward to working with them in developing standardized framework for IoT edge computing that ensures interoperability and vendor neutrality. In fact, we plan on enhancing the competitiveness of edge computing in industrial IoT by applying the EdgeX framework to our SDS IoT platform, Brightics IoT.”

“At Volterra, we believe the future of modern applications and autonomous systems require a highly scalable and distributed infrastructure focused on the simple and secure consumption of performance and data driven services,” said Marco Rodrigues, Vice President of Products at Volterra. “EdgeX Foundry’s charter aligns with Volterra’s mission that an open ecosystem is mandatory for driving innovation and interoperability for the edge computing industry to evolve. We’re excited to be taking part in the community’s evolution.”

For more information and to learn how to get involved, please visit the following EdgeX Foundry resources:

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