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By | November 27, 2020

Home Edge Launches Coconut Release

Home Edge

Written by Moonki Hong, LF Edge Governing Board Member, lead for Home Edge and Staff Engineer at the Samsung Research Open Source Group

Home Edge is a robust, reliable and intelligent home edge computing open source framework and ecosystem running on a variety of devices at home. To accelerate the deployment of the edge computing services ecosystem successfully, LF Edge’s Home Edge Project provides users with an interoperable, flexible, and scalable edge computing services platform with a set of APIs that can also run with libraries and runtimes.

Home Edge is made up of multiple modules to allow for a flexible deployment.  The Edge Orchestration Module handles Edge (device) Discovery, Service Offloading (load balancing between devices); Edge Setup, and Service Management and Monitoring.  The Data Storage Module provides persistent storage (Core Data) and Metadata to identify the node.  The DS Module also consists of the I/O Agent that, via APIs, allows for the accessing of the data.  The Home Device Control Module provides device discovery and setup.  The Home Device Client allows for the connection between the Cloud Interface and the Home Device Client (controller for the home devices.  There are also modules for Machine Learning, Security, and a Deep Neural Network Framework.

Today, Home Edge is happy to announce the launch its Coconut release. The third release for the project, Coconut includes new features such as Multi-NAT communications (which enables discovery of devices in different NATs) and Data Storage.  

In collaboration with EdgeX Foundry, a centralized device can be designated as a primary device to store the data from different devices. The Home Edge project appreciates those who have consistently supported and helped us with this release.

We would especially like to thank to the EdgeX Foundry team, specifically TSC Chair Jim White and Cloud Tsai from IoTech, and Taewan Kim, Ayush, Sunchit, Nitu and others at Samsung that helped develop and debug the core features of the Coconut release. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Suresh LC, who has contributed all his passions to his advocate role to promote Home Edge’s technical and business perspectives in the LF Edge TAC and other committees.

The Coconut Release builds on the features of the Baobab release, which was launched last year. Home Edge expects its next release will be available in 2021 and will include real time data analytics features. 

If you would like to learn more about the use cases for Home Edge or more technical details, check out the video of our October 2020 webinar. As part of the “On the Edge with LF Edge” webinar series, we shared the general overview for the project, how it fits into LF Edge, key features of the Coconut release, the roadmap, how to get involved and the landscape of the IoT Home Edge.

If you would like to contribute to Home Edge or share feedback, find the project on GitHub, the LF Edge Slack channel (#homeedge) or subscribe to our email list ( We welcome new contributors to help make this project better and expand the LF Edge community.

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