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By | September 23, 2021

LF Edge Member Spotlight: mimik

The LF Edge community comprises a diverse set of member companies and people that represent the IoT, Enterprise, Cloud and Telco Edge, and beyond. The Member Spotlight blog series highlights these members and how they are contributing to and leveraging open source edge solutions. Today, we highlight our newest general member, mimik. Read on to learn more about the organization, their plans for collaborating across LF Edge, and more. 

Please tell us a little about your organization: 

mimik is a group of dedicated individuals who understand that empowering our unique approach to edge cloud computing with other organizations can change the world for the better. mimik has pioneered a software-only hybrid edgeCloud platform, originating from Founder & CEO Fay Arjomandi’s realization that the future of digital modernization is occurring closer to where data is created and where insights are actionable. As IT becomes increasingly decentralized and sensors and endpoints evolve rapidly in their sophistication, mimik’s Hybrid edgeCloud development platform enables devices to function beyond their current role as mere endpoints and instead as powerful components of a system by acting as cloud servers when needed. mimik’s platform supports standard microservice development, deployment, and communication on any device/OS, including iOS and Android. mimik’s platform also allows developers to create applications that can interact locally with the microservices on the same device to collaborate and communicate with other microservices in dynamic clusters. As a result, data can be processed and analyzed at the source and knowledge exchanged within and across clusters with other nodes and/or with Cloud. This unique architectural approach to the edge whereby any connected computing device can act as a cloud server, reduces reliance on the central cloud for every data stream/transaction. Furthermore, it offers several additional compounding benefits such as 100% control over privacy, up to 90% reduction in cloud hosting costs and energy consumption, and works even in the absence of an internet connection.

Why is your organization adopting an open-sourced approach?

Mobile Internet was mostly about mobile phones connecting to the Internet to consume content. We’re now transitioning to the hyper-connected world era where digital intersects with every aspect of the physical world around us. Therefore digital solutions should mimic physical interactions. We believe in an ecosystem and the ability for solutions to interact across different vendors and providers. Now more than ever the collaboration across the community is of importance. Therefore, we like to embrace an open-source model for any of our offerings. 

Why did you join LF Edge, and what impact do you think LF Edge has on the edge, networking, and IoT industries?

mimik believes in a collaborative approach and recognizes that LF Edge is the most widely recognized and accoladed global organization of platform or solution providers leaders. We’re just at the beginning of the journey to the hyper-connected world. It’s important for the like-minded community of providers to collaborate together and with the wider community to build the next-generation digital infrastructure, solutions, and applications. The open and inclusive approach that LF Edge takes to galvanizing like-minded individuals together in projects, development, and innovative solutions is key to harmonization at the edge, a core value that mimik embraces. We firmly believe in the wide-reaching impact that LF Edge has across industries and sub-sectors of the broad landscape of edge and cloud computing. This is a central driving force for innovative leadership in digital transformation. There are multiple aspects of LF Edge’s community-driven philosophy that we view as vital to growth and expansion and are looking forward to becoming active members of this important group of innovative leaders.

What do you see as the top benefits of being part of the LF Edge community?

Multiple aspects of LF Edge’s community-driven philosophy coincide with how mimik sees our company growing and thriving amongst peers and like-minded individuals looking to push the boundaries of what is possible at the edge. In addition to being closely aligned with partners such as IBM regarding Open Horizon, mimik looks forward to the opportunity to expand and grow our network with a broad range of individuals who are passionate about the fundamental role that it plays in digital transformation. The possibilities that the LF Edge community offers its members are priceless. To add to the invaluable points of connection and access to leaders on the cusp of true transformation, LF Edge will also provide mimik with a stage on which we can showcase what we believe is a unique and differentiating series of solutions to partners as well as potential customers. mimik aspires to work with others to “edgifi” the world and believes that LF Edge will be an important piece of the puzzle to move the needle from concept to fruition.

What sort of contributions has your team made (or plans to make) to the community, ecosystem through LF Edge participation?

The following is a list of type of contributions mimik would like to make to the LF Edge community:

  • Attending LF Thought Leadership Committee meetings
  • Being part of LF Edge Speakers Bureau
  • Attending Member Summit (November) and potential speaking slot
  • Attending Marketing meetings
  • Being elected to the Governing Board
  • Contributing to different membership levels and benefits as an expansion to our standard membership status
  • Publishing Blogs
  • Code submissions either as updates of our own contributions or on the project themselves
  • Contribute with solution architecture 
  • Shape special interest group around practical use cases of edge cloud computing 
  • Lead/participate in training sessions for 
    • principles of edge cloud computing 
    • microservice driven architecture, 
    • API first architecture 
    • service mesh 
    • scalable solution design 
    • mobile application development 
    • etc.

What sets LF Edge apart from other industry alliances?

LF Edge is the only consortium of pioneers of open source innovations at the edge. It’s not just a community of people exchanging contacts and ideas, LF Edge is also an innovation hive that goes beyond responding to market demands and instead creates them by redefining entire markets and industries. The opportunities to guide the future of digital transformation as part of this group are seemingly endless and are constantly evolving versus the static benefits offered by traditional industry alliances.

How will LF Edge help your business?

mimik views LF Edge as an essential consortium of like-minded individuals who help each other do the right thing versus sell the solution. We are passionate about raising awareness of microservice development at the edge, collaborating and working with the community to help build out actual use cases and drive adoption.OF Edge’s platform provides its members tangible opportunities to educate and connect people in multiple forms from training to blogs to events. By being a member of LF Edge, mimik will strengthen its relationship with existing partners, explore new ones, learn and expand the scope of our personal mandate to “edgifi the world.” Moreover, LF Edge will give us an opportunity to learn from others member’s experiences and feedback to ensure that our roadmap is aligned with the requirements of our ecosystem so we can jointly build a future sustainable internet together.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining LF Edge?

mimk’s advice is to dive right into the sea of opportunities at your fingertips. Get engaged as soon as possible to be part of this collaborative ecosystem.