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By | April 25, 2024

Steering a New Course at LF Edge

Author: Michael Maxey, LF Edge Governing Board Chair and VP Of Business Development at Zededa

As the new board chair of LF Edge, I am thrilled to be at the forefront of an organization that’s critical to shaping the future of edge computing. Our consortium under the Linux Foundation aims to develop an open, interoperable framework that stands as a cornerstone of innovation. Here’s how I plan to lead our community toward making significant strides.

Enhancing Project Accessibility and Understanding

My first goal is to improve how we present and explain LF Edge projects. With numerous initiatives under our belt, it’s crucial that both new and existing members can easily find and utilize the resources they need. I am committed to simplifying our information delivery so the community can quickly find what they require. 

Simplifying the Adoption of Our Technologies

Another barrier I hope to address is the complexity of adopting new technologies. My approach includes showcasing successful applications of our projects and leveraging the LF Edge Sandbox to unlock new users and accelerate the time to value.  Building stronger industry partnerships will also play a crucial role, ensuring our projects meet real-world demands and are shaped by diverse insights.

Building Bridges Across the Linux Foundation

Perhaps the most ambitious of my initiatives is strengthening the connections between LF Edge and other Linux Foundation projects. With an array of influential platforms under one roof, from cloud computing to automotive software, the opportunity for technological synergy is immense. I see great potential in these collaborations enhancing LF Edge’s offerings and ensuring our projects are at the cutting edge of technology.

Looking Ahead

With the support of our community, I am confident in our direction and the impact LF Edge will continue to have on the industry. As we innovate and expand our reach, the integration of edge computing into broader technology ecosystems seems not just feasible but inevitable. Join us as we navigate this promising path forward, shaping the next generation of computing technologies together.