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By | August 11, 2020

The Over the Edge Podcast

If you ask 100 people to define edge, you might get 112 different answers, but we do know this much: Edge computing represents a long-term transformation of the Internet that could take decades to fully materialize.

Over The Edge is a podcast about edge computing and those in the industry who are creating the future of the internet. On the show we talk to corporate leaders, open-source experts, technologists, journalists, analysts, and the community at large, to discuss technological innovations, trends, practical applications, business models, and the occasional far-flung theory. Over the Edge is brought to you by the sponsorship of Catchpoint, NetFoundry, Ori Industries, Packet, Seagate, Vapor IO, and Zenlayer.

Listen to the podcast here:

Check out some of the LF Edge member interviews:

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August 5 – Joe Zhu, Zenlayer

August 19 – Malini Bhandaru, VMware

August 26 – Jason Shepherd, ZEDEDA