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By | March 8, 2023

Webinar Recap: How LF Edge Projects Track CO2 Footprint with Secure Monitoring at the Edge

With community members from over 50 organizations gathered on LinkedIn and Zoom last week, LF Edge kicked off its first webinar this year. This webinar is a continuation of the “On the Edge with LF Edge” webinar series where we invite community members and industry leaders to share production case studies, project demos, and the latest updates from the LF Edge project communities! 

For this webinar, we had distinguished speakers, Mathew Yarger, Advisor at IOTA and Co-Founder of DigitalMRV, Steve Todd, VP Data Innovation and Strategy at Dell Technologies, and Kathy Giori, Global Partnerships and Outreach at MicroBlocks, who shared their insights on the LF Edge use case of using Project Alvarium and EVE to monitor the carbon footprint in the world’s first BioGas Plant, which uses harvest waste as its only fuel.

To kick off the webinar, the speakers addressed the challenge of inaccurate emissions reporting in sustainability. In fact, “85% of organizations are concerned about reducing their emissions, but only 9% are able to measure their emissions comprehensively,” said Yarger. The VSPT Wine Group in Chile required a solution to process data from various sensors measuring water, solids, gases, and anaerobic digestion processes in real-time to provide reliable insights into their carbon footprint. This issue was tackled by leveraging the Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) framework of Project Alvarium and the cloud computing capabilities of Project EVE.

You can read the published use case on the LF Edge case studies page and watch the webinar recording below to learn more about how LF Edge projects enable organizations to take more informed and effective steps toward reducing their environmental impact.

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