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By | February 1, 2024

2023 LF Edge Annual Report – Update from the LF Edge Board

Edge computing remains pivotal in our rapidly evolving digital landscape, decentralizing data processing to enable quicker, real-time decisions. With the rise of AI, edge computing becomes even more critical, offering efficient AI inference right where the data originates. As Chair of the LF Edge Board, I am incredibly proud of the progress the community has made and eager to see where things go moving forward. Some of LF Edge’s 2023 highlights include:

  • AI Edge: LF Edge has played a vital role in incorporating AI at the edge, ensuring faster data processing and enhancing applications across various sectors.
  • Computing-Aware Networking / Computing Force Networks: This year, a major focus was laid on ensuring that networks are not just communication mediums but are also computation-aware. This translates into networks that are smarter, more efficient, and optimized for edge computing tasks.
  • LF Edge Showcase: A significant highlight that demonstrated edgespecific verticals such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Retail.
  • Akraino, EdgeX Foundry, and Fledge Projects: These projects showcased LF Edge’s commitment to an open, modular framework for edge computing. Notably, the Fledge project has expanded its applications, reflecting its growing influence in edge computing ecosystems.
  • Global Community Engagement: LF Edge adopted a global approach, forging ties with communities in North America, Europe, China, and India, further emphasizing the universal relevance of edge computing.
  • Collaborations and Alliances: Collaboration remained at the forefront, with partnerships with entities like ETSI and the Open Compute Project. These collaborations cement LF Edge’s commitment to advancing edge computing technologies through collective efforts.
  • The Horizon Ahead: As edge computing and AI continue to intertwine, LF Edge is committed to ensuring that these technologies find harmony, offering enhanced solutions for modern-day challenges. The journey forward is filled with promise, and LF Edge is poised to lead the way.

Please join us in congratulating the community for all it’s accomplished in 2023! We look forward to continued collaboration and success (and challenges) in 2024, and invite anyone interested in being a part of the open Edge and AI ecosystem to join us as a member.

Read the full 2023 LF Edge Annual Report, with community highlights from all LF Edge projects, TSC Chair, General Manager, Outreach Chair, and more.