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By | February 20, 2024

2023 LF Edge Annual Report – Update from the LF Edge Outreach Committee

This year we’ve seen an evolution within edge computing, driven by a maturing market that has in turn led to a focus on solution-building and real world implementation. Within LF Edge, we’ve seen field deployments leveraging LF Edge projects increase, which also has driven growth within the broader LF Edge community.

As a committee, we’ve worked hard to respond to this maturation and showcase real-world use cases, including a particular focus on crosscollaboration among projects. These efforts help us to remove the barrier for getting started with LF Edge projects, and included blogs, case studies, and webinars. These efforts go hand-in-hand with a strong global events presence this year, where we’ve built presentations and demos that illustrate these solutions, while introducing our efforts to new audiences. From Bilbao to Shanghai to San Jose, our members have gotten into the field and illustrated the power of open source and community.

For 2024, we look forward to continuing to highlight the work across the entire LF Edge collective. As edge computing becomes more mainstream, we need to drive education and demonstrate the importance of building a flexible edge architecture that removes siloes, simplifies solution building, and makes it possible to unlock the benefits that each of the individual LF Edge projects can provide. Providing blueprints that illustrate best practices, educating on the challenges and potential drawbacks of different approaches, and showcasing the solutions in use among our community will help those just getting started while also guiding those expanding their own projects from a single use case to many more.

Read the full 2023 LF Edge Annual Report, with community highlights from all LF Edge projects, TSC Chair, General Manager, Outreach Chair, and more.