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By | August 11, 2021

Akraino Project Holds Inaugural Akraino Community Awards

The Akraino community recently held its first community awards program to highlight and recognize some of the outstanding work happening all across the project. 

The awards –which comprise four categories of three winners each– were presented virtually via private session, but you can read below to learn more about the award categories, winners, and work involved in earning these awards. 



Award Categories & 2021 Winners:

Women of the year

This award recognizes outstanding women within the (mostly-male) Akraino community. This category identifies the individual(s) who has been a champion for the Akraino community and has provided significant contribution as a committer, contributor, sub-committee, and/or TSC member.

Winners: Jane Shen, Tina Tsou (Arm), and Yolanda Robla Mota (RedHat)

Top Blueprints of the year

This is an exclusive award category for recognition of the Blueprint team that has generated a huge impact within the Akraino community. This award recognizes the Blueprints that showcase significant and rich technical features;  successful  collaborations (within the Akarino community or with Universities and NGOs); achieved landing applications and successfully showcased the features through PoC , field trails and production.

Winners:  ICN, PCEI, and Private LTE/5G 

Top Akrainoians

Champion of Akraino! This individual is a great help to the entire Akraino community in building and spreading awareness of Akraino blueprints within the industry. This person has really made an impact in the community and helped to drive additional interest and excitement, strengthen the existing community, and promote the value of becoming part of Akraino. 

Winners:  Tina Tsou (Arm),  Deepak Kataria (IP Junction),  and Randy Stricklin (Trane)

Top Committers

This award recognizes those who excel in their technical contributions to Akraino projects. The Top Committer has made significant contributions to  key features benefitting the Akraino project as a whole. These contributions are so important that it has  both uplifted the Akraino community, and created an external impact as well.

Winners: James Li (China Mobile), Deepak Kataria (IP Junction), and Ricardo Noriega De Soto (Red Hat)

Congratulations to the entire Akraino community for all of the hard work, with an extra shout-out to this year’s winners!