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By | November 11, 2022

Congratulations to “Team DOMINO,” Winner of the 2022 ETSI & LF Edge Hackathon

The 2022 Edge Hackathon, supported by ETSI and LF Edge, concluded last month with 15 teams worldwide building Edge applications or solutions with ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) APIs and LF Edge Akraino Blueprints. A team from LF Edge member organizations  Equinix and Aarna Networks—codenamed Team DOMINO—won first place in the Edge Hackathon for their innovative edge application in 5G scenarios using the Akraino Public Cloud Edge Interface (PCEI) blueprint.

The Akraino PCEI blueprint enables multi-domain infrastructure orchestration and cloud native application deployment across public clouds (core and edge), edge clouds, interconnection providers and network operators.

By using the PCEI blueprint, Team DOMINO’s solution demonstrates orchestration of federated MEC infrastructure and services, including 5G Control and User Plane Functions, MEC and Public Cloud IaaS/SaaS, across two operators/providers (a 5G operator and a MEC provider), as well as deployment and operation of end-to-end cloud native IoT applications making use of 5G access, and distributed both across geographic locations and across hybrid MEC (edge cloud) and Public Cloud (SaaS) infrastructure.

Team DOMINO showed how telco providers can enable sharing of their services in a MEC Federation environment, by orchestrating, bare metal servers and their software stack, 5G control plane and user plane functions. In addition, by orchestrating interconnection between the 5G provider and MEC provider, connectivity to a public cloud as well as the IoT application and the MEC Location API service, Team DOMINO demonstrated MEC Service Federation for location-aware IoT.

Learn more about this solution and the Akraino PCEI blueprint on the Akraino wiki.

Congratulations to team DOMINO & everyone involved in this use case and blueprint!