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By | October 2, 2017

EdgeX Foundry is on display at IoT Solutions World Congress

This week, EdgeX Foundry will be on display at IoT Solutions World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain, from Oct. 3-5, 2017.

The EdgeX Foundry booth (Booth E541) will be filled with innovative member solutions from Canonical, CloudPlugs, Cumulocity, Dell/RSA, ForgeRock, IOTech, Linaro, NetFoundry, Neustar, RFMicron, Vantiq and VMware. Other EdgeX Foundry members will also have EdgeX on display in their own booths, including Analog Devices, Bayshore Networks, Device Authority, EnOcean Alliance, FogHorn and Opto 22.

If you’re in Barcelona, stop by Booth E541 to see the live demonstrations, chat with members and learn more about the EdgeX ecosystem. There will also be a happy hour from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so stop by for drinks and light snacks!

Demos in the EdgeX Foundry Booth (Booth E541):

Canonical: Canonical will show how Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core, the Operating System of Choice for smart IoT, can be used as the IoT gateway Operating System to run EdgeX on.

CloudPlugs: CloudPlugs will be displaying the Edge One™ IIoT Gateway on Dell Edge Gateway 3000 controlling Modbus devices and integrated with EdgeX. CloudPlugs is an advanced IIoT platform that uses fog computing to easily develop, deploy and manage industrial devices and applications.

Cumulocity: Cumulocity IoT scales up to geo-distributed multi-tiered cloud and on-premises high availability hybrids and down to a single node fully featured Edge platform – all with the same secure carrier grade software architecture. Cumulocity will be showcasing the Edge platform and a range of connected devices for consumer, industrial and environmental use cases. Cumulocity IoT rapidly accelerates IoT adoption.

Dell: The Dell demo will use the EdgeX platform to manage 3 devices – a people counting camera, thermostat with heat/cool fans, and Patlite signal tower running on a Dell Edge Gateway 5000 and 3000. Through EdgeX, the people counter will actuate (through EdgeX rules engine) the thermostat and fans based on the number of people it detects.

RSA: Highlighting monitoring and threat intelligence for the edge (i.e. the gateway and attached devices), this demo consists of an RSA agent that runs on gateway and monitors, collects, and sends information to hosted cloud service for security evaluation/action. Dell Technologies offers the industry’s broadest IoT infrastructure portfolio including Dell gateways and RSA security, enhanced by curated partnerships and the EdgeX Foundry ecosystem.

ForgeRock: ForgeRock will be using EdgeX and the Identity Edge Controller (IEC) to demonstrate the integration on a Dell Gateway 5000. The IEC demo will deliver the following inbound services – attestation, auto onboarding at boot, authorization and token validation. ForgeRock® Edge Security offers complete end-to-end security for IoT deployments. It ensures the integrity of IoT devices and their communication using secure, standards-based tokens instead of insecure hard coded usernames and passwords, or managing thousands of individual PKI certificates. It adds a rock-solid security layer to IoT hardware used at the edge, including leveraging highly secure on-chip Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) if available, and comprehensive, policy based controls for publishing and subscribing to data streams from edge devices, making it as easy to protect data coming from IoT devices as it is to protect a web page.

IOTech: IOTech will be showcasing the new GUI they have developed to support EdgeX.  The demo will showcase how the GUI can be used to browse device and device service related information, as well as being able to visualize device generated data. IOTech is a vendor neutral middleware specialist aiming to be at the heart of the edge infrastructure opportunity by leveraging EdgeX technology to accelerate solution time-to-market and leveraging the partner ecosystem of key IoT players to facilitate a global market opportunity for the company.

Linaro: The demo will feature sensor data communication from the Zephyr microPlatform into an Edge X gateway. It also demonstrates a newly available feature in the Zephyr microPlatform, LWM2M. The Zephyr microPlatform is a minimal, secure, and OTA-enabled platform for product development that is continuously updated for the life of the product by Open Source Foundries.

NetFoundry: NetFoundry will be showing two demos. Demo 1 uses the NetFoundry we console to spin up a network to show superior application performance and security across any network, including the public internet. Demo 2 highlights NetFoundry enforcing the Neustar Trusted Device Identity (TDI) security and performance requirements from edge-to-cloud. NetFoundry enables customers to quickly and easily spin up highly-secure, performant app-specific networks at scale.

Neustar: Neustar will be showcasing two use cases of Trusted Device Identity. The first use will be demonstrating a secure firmware update to an endpoint using an edge gateway to validate payload and confirm source. The second demo will be demonstrating secure end point to app path protection over a core network and terminating in two end points (an app and a sensor). This use case will a show immediate revocation and resilience to man in the middle attacks. IoT solutions need to scale securely beyond the traditional PKI implementations. Neustar is launching Trusted Device Identity (TDI), a unique, scalable, and real-time approach, providing the means to securely communicate to and from end points with immediate revocation capability.

RFMicron: RFMicron is helping to extend EdgeX into the realm of real-world data with Smart Passive Sensing™ devices. These battery-free and maintenance-free wireless sensors can be applied in a wide variety of industrial, automotive and medical applications. The demo showcases the RfmApi software that employs edge processing to convert raw sensor data into trusted information. RFMicron helps protect people and equipment in real-time with new industrial IoT software connecting smart passive sensors into the powerful EdgeX backbone. The latest RFMicron sensors support full AES-128 encryption for secure commands and data transfers in wireless mode for blockchain applications. RFMicron helps protect people and equipment with new industrial IoT software connecting smart passive sensors into the powerful EdgeX backbone.

VANTIQ: VANTIQ’s open platform integrates with a wide range of systems and we are excited about furthering our association and integration with the EdgeX Foundry community. VANTIQ provides the only application platform-as-a-service that enables the rapid development of real-time, event-driven applications.

VMware: In partnership with SAP, VMware will be demoing the Smart Popcorn Machine which pops popcorn and monitors the temperature, pressure, etc. of the machine. The data is pushed up to the SAP Cloud and to VMware’s new IoT Pulse Center which manages, monitors, secures, and onboards the sensors within the Popcorn Machine. The demo does not currently integrate with EdgeX live but will be in the future and the value proposition will be talked about. VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade, end to end IoT infrastructure management solution that allows IT and OT to have complete control of their IoT use case, from the edge to the cloud by helping them manage broader, operate smarter, innovate faster and protect better.

If you want to see more EdgeX Foundry in action, you can visit other member booths including:

Analog Devices: Booth D485

Bayshore Networks: Booth B211

Device Authority (Booth B240): Device Authority is the leading provider of IoT IAM. Our KeyScaler™ platform provides trust for IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem, to address the challenges of securing the Internet of Things.

EnOcean Alliance (Booth B254): EdgeX is a crucial part for EnOcean based gateways which bring sensor data, provided by self-powered and wireless sensor solutions, to the cloud and thus enabling cognitive buildings. At the stand, we will demonstrate EnOcean based self-powered wireless solutions, enabling highly flexible, maintenance-free applications for the Internet of Things and supporting the transition from intelligent to cognitive buildings.

FogHorn: Booth E571/B211

Opto 22 (Booth B286): Dell Edge Gateway 5000 with EdgeX collecting and controlling operational data on a working model wind turbine. Real-time data can be accessed through EdgeX Console at public URL admin/123. Opto 22 manufacturers industrial controllers, I/O, and edge computing devices bridging the physical and digital worlds for IIoT.

Striim (Booth B221): The demo is real time predictive maintenance and predictive quality for manufacturing.

In the Industrial Internet Consortium booth (Booth E571), you can also catch Sensify Security’s demo that showcases completing porting their blockchain-based IAM system to the EdgeX platform.

If you’re not in Barcelona, stay tuned on @EdgeXFoundry for pictures and the new EdgeX Foundry Youtube channel for videos!