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By | March 12, 2020

EdgeX Foundry’s Call for Nominations for the 3rd Annual EdgeX Awards

It’s that time again! Time to step back from all of the hard work that the EdgeX Foundry Community has put into building out our latest version and celebrate what we have accomplished over the last year. Join us as we recognize members who have gone the extra mile to make EdgeX so successful, with our 3rd Annual EdgeX Community Awards.


When we first started the awards in 2018, we had about 1,000 downloads and about 20 contributors.  A year later, in April 2019, we moved within LF Edge and became its first Stage 3 project.  At that time, EdgeX Foundry had about 75 contributors and 100,000 total downloads.  We also released two more versions (Edinburgh and Fuji).  As the community grew, so did the scope and the downloads.  In September, we hit 1= Million downloads, and we closed out the year with our second million downloads. By the end of February 2020, we surpassed 3 million downloads and have more than 150 contributors.

How to Participate

If you are already a member of the EdgeX Foundry community, please take a moment and visit our EdgeX Awards page and nominate the community member that you feel best exemplified Innovation and/or contributed leadership and helped EdgeX Foundry advance and grow over the last year.  Nominations are being accepted through April 5, 2020.

The Awards

Innovation Award:  The Innovation Award recognizes individuals who have contributed the most innovative solution to the project over the past year.

Previous Winners:

2018- Drasko Draskovic (Mainflux) and Tony Espy (Canonical)

2019- Trevor Conn (Dell) and Cloud Tsai (IOTech)

Contribution Award:  The Contribution Award recognizes individuals who have contributed leadership and helped EdgeX Foundry advance and continue momentum in the past year. This includes individuals who have led work groups, special projects, and/or contributed large amounts of code, bug fixes, marketing material, documentation, or otherwise significantly advanced the efforts of EdgeX with their drive and leadership.

Previous Winners:

2018- Andy Foster (IOTech) and Drasko Draskovic (Mainflux)

2019- Michael Johanson (Intel) and Lenny Goodell (Intel)

To learn more about EdgeX Foundry, visit the website or join our Slack to ask questions and engage with community members. If you are not already a member of our community, it is really easy to join.  Simply visit our wiki page and/or check out our Git Hub and help us get to the next 3 million and more downloads!