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By | November 16, 2023

Introducing the 2023 State of the Edge Report: Navigating the Frontier of Edge Computing

In a world propelled by interconnected technologies, understanding the critical (and changing) role of edge computing in shaping the future of connectivity and data processing has become more crucial than ever. LF Edge is pleased to share the 2023 State of the Edge Report! This year’s report represents a collaborative effort to dissect the intricate interplay between data, artificial intelligence (AI), networking, and industrial applications at the edge.

The State of the Edge Report 2023, now in its sixth edition, is a culmination of the tireless efforts of the LF Edge ecosystem, community, industry experts, and thought leaders. This report acts as a guide, capturing the latest trends, advancements, and use cases that have shaped the edge computing domain over the past several years, with a nod towards the future

The 2023 State of the Edge report is divided into five informative chapters, each delving into specific aspects of edge computing:

  • Chapter 1: Defining the Edge in 2023
    • Lay the foundation by exploring the taxonomy of edge computing recognized by the Linux Foundation. Gain insights into various edge computing domains and understand the general trends that have driven its rapid growth.
  • Chapter 2: Data and AI on the Edge 
    • Discover the inseparable relationship between data and AI technology and edge computing. Learn how edge computing enables real-time decision-making by processing and analyzing data closer to the source.
  • Chapter 3: Networking and Edge
    • Understand the critical role networking plays in ensuring seamless communication across edge compute nodes and centralized infrastructure. Explore the latest networking technologies supporting edge computing, including 5G and secure access service edge (SASE).
  • Chapter 4: Industrial Edge 
    • Witness the transformative impact of edge computing in the industrial sector. From smart factories to predictive maintenance, see how edge computing revolutionizes industrial automation and real-time monitoring.
  • Chapter 5: Postcards From the Edge
    • Check out the short essays from renowned practitioners and thought leaders in the field of edge computing. Their insights will provide readers with a diverse range of viewpoints on challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends in this dynamic domain.

From taxonomy and market trends to data-driven AI, networking, and industrial applications, this report will inspire, educate, and drive innovation. Download the 2023 State of the Edge Report today.